Atto® LED mini indicator, black, front and rear

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Atto® LED mini indicator black front and rear

The Atto® has succeeded in squaring the circle: This indicator is extremely small and also spectacularly bright.Compact and bright: This combination makes the Atto® a true sensation! Never before has one of our turn signals been smaller. For comparison: the light area of the Atto® fits four times on a 1 cent coin! This consistent reduction opens up completely new design options on the motorbike. With the Atto®, the "indicator" component on the motorbike can virtually disappear. This indicator only stands out when it really has to. When it does flash, it shines with an intensity that has made Kellermann products legendary and the company a trendsetter time and again.

The Atto® offers maximum luminosity with minimum size, in short: it is "sensationally small - spectacularly bright". We recommend not to look directly into the light of this small power plant for too long! Optimised light control is achieved by a sophisticated system of lenses and reflectors. In addition to the well-known Kellermann HighPower LED technology**, the new EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology is used here for the first time, which makes this combination possible. The complete electronics of the Atto® are housed inside the casing, so that this indicator can be operated directly from the 12-volt mains supply.

*U. Electronic accessories may be required to regulate the flashing frequency.
**Combination of the IC-controlled Longlife Protection Guard® circuit with high-performance LEDs of the latest design.

ECE-approved for front and rear (both sides) - transparent glass.


  • Sensationally small - spectacularly bright
  • EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology
  • Kellermann HighPower LED technology
  • Longlife Protection Guard®, IC controlled, 330 kHz clocked
  • High-quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 volt DC electrical systems
  • With M5 x 0.5 x 6.5 mounting thread
  • Dimensions: length 14mm, max. diameter 10mm, glass diameter 7.8mm
  • Design protected throughout Europe


  • Functional features: Indicator
  • Attachment: Surface-mounted
  • Mounting thread: M5 x 0.5 x 6.5 mm
  • ECE approval: Motorbikes
  • DC wiring systems: 12 V
  • Length (without thread, fastening): 14 mm
  • Mounting: universal
  • Surface appearance: black
  • Product listing features: Indicator
  • Technology: LED
  • Ø max.: 10 mm
  • Lens colour: clear
  • Position: front & rear on both sides

Atto® Mini Turn Signal ECE Certificate

Atto® Mini-flasher assembly instructions