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3D protective films 12,25"

Why a motorbike display protection film?

Modern technology has transformed motorbike cockpits into user-friendly information centres that offer much more than just speed displays. This specially designed screen protector not only protects your motorbike display from scratches and damage, but also reduces reflections so you always have a clear view of your riding information - whatever the weather.

Perfectly fitting solution

AC Schnitzer display films by SE are tailor-made and fit perfectly to your motorbike cockpit. Whereas glass solutions often have to be cut to size, our films offer a precisely fitting solution without compromise.

Motorbike displays are often prone to scratches that can affect the riding experience. In addition, poor lighting conditions and reflections can make it difficult to see the display, which can lead to safety risks while riding. This durable protective film minimises these risks and preserves the clarity and quality of your motorbike display so you can enjoy the road without worry.

The advantages of a cockpit speedometer protection film

Unlike glass products, the AC Schnitzer by SE protective film made of hard-wearing and self-healing thermoplastic polyurethane has no risk of additional damage from polishes. Scratches disappear by themselves over time without the need for polish. The matt surface also reduces reflections and ensures optimum visibility of instruments and navigation equipment.

Easy installation for long-lasting protection

Our high-quality, German-made screen protectors are easy to install and fit perfectly on your motorbike cockpit. With the included spray and squeegee, installation is a breeze.


  • Produced entirely in Germany from the film to the cut
  • Meets airline requirements for use in pilot outfits in terms of readability and glare protection
  • Easy installation, video instructions available
  • Self-healing polyurethane film, highly durable
  • Precisely prepared to fit
  • Resistant to fingerprints and smudges
  • Removable without residue
  • Full-surface strong hold up to the edge
  • Voluntary product testing according to TN standard A75-S018
  • 2 films included, squeegee, dust remover, spray, cleaning cloths damp, microfibre cloth