AC Schnitzer Fork bridge Heritage R nineT Racer 2017-20 RETURN

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AC Schnitzer Fork bridge for BMW R nineT buy online here. Free shipping from 200 Euro order value.

AC Schnitzer fork bridge Heritage for R nineT Racer from 2017 to 2020


TRADE RETURNS: This item was returned by a trade partner. It is a new item in perfect condition and in its original packaging, but it was unpacked. There are traces of transport on the original packaging.


The AC Schnitzer Heritage fork bridge not only enhances the BMW R nineT's appearance, but also offers real added value due to its higher stiffness compared to the standard production component. Black anodized with silver cutouts, the fork bridge fits perfectly with the R nineT and is compatible with most stub handlebars on the market. A part certificate exists for the legal shoring.


Fitting instructions clip-on handlebar and triple clamp Heritage

Parts certificate fork bridge Heritage R nineT


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