AC Schnitzer Axle pads rear S 1000 RR from 2023

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AC Schnitzer axle pads rear for S 1000 RR from 2023


The AC Schnitzer axle pads for the BMW models S 1000 R and S 1000 RR protect the swing arm in the event of slight falls, so-called skidding and overturning. This premium product not only looks classy, but also has effective benefits. Although it cannot guarantee accidents without consequential damage, every scratch that can be avoided on a BMW S 1000 is worth the purchase. In addition, the component impresses with the typical sporty AC Schnitzer design, and so fits perfectly into the overall appearance of the vehicle. The component made of special plastic is easy to fit and offers outstanding quality.


  • Protection of the swing arm in case of slipping and falling over
  • Noble and sporty AC Schnitzer design
  • High strength special plastic
  • Outstanding quality
  • Perfect finish
  • Easy mounting



Mounting instructions rear axle pads S 1000 RR