Take your BMW motorbike to the next level with accessories from AC Schnitzer.

- Made in Germany

- optimal ergonomics

- sporty performance

- eye-catching design

- good communication

-high availability

- easy purchase

- exceptional reliability

- first-class execution quality

Find here the accessories from AC Schnitzer for your BMW motorbike

A few facts about ergonomics

A few facts about ergonomics

Special offers AC Schnitzer

Special offers

Special offers

Premium quality at a bargain price? That doesn't exist! Yes, there is here. Why?

The reasons that products can be offered at a lower price are:

  • they are no longer in the current range
  • they are returned products that have been unpacked before
  • a test installation has taken place on a vehicle
  • they were fitted to a trade fair or exhibition vehicle
  • they have been damaged, for example during transport
  • they are not 1A goods in unopened original packaging.

Regardless of the reason for the price reduction, the cause is presented transparently and comprehensibly.

The promotional products change constantly. It is worthwhile to check back regularly.


Do you need an expert opinion? Or the fitting instructions for your AC Schnitzer motorbike accessories? You will find current free downloads and information on the following topics after clicking on the picture:

  • Shipping
  • Superbike handlebar conversions
  • EC approvals
  • Fitting instructions
  • ABE's and parts certificates
Service AC Schnitzer


Kellermann, high quality products made in Germany

Kellermann is a no-alternative choice for every biker. The products for motorbikes are the benchmark for outstanding quality and shapely design. The first choice for every motorcyclist who wants to personalise their bike and make it safer at the same time. Lights from Kellermann are technically outstanding and brilliantly bright. At the same time, they individualise every bike just the way you want it.

And all this with a clear conscience and without stress on the road: all products are ECE approved and can be installed immediately without additional approvals.

First-class quality - premium products and service - approved products

AC Schnitzer and Kellermann - it fits!

Crash protection


Riding a motorbike is an adventure, but unfortunately crashes are part of it. To minimise damage to your motorbike in the event of an accident, AC Schnitzer has developed components to protect essential parts. The AC Schnitzer crash pads are made from high quality materials and have been designed to blend seamlessly with the original design of the motorbike.

Inspired by racing experience and supported by state-of-the-art technologies such as lasers and 3D printing, all AC Schnitzer crash protectors are developed in Germany and manufactured in the EU. We do not offer crash pads for vehicles for which

where there is no sensible solution, or "driving school solutions".

At AC Schnitzer we believe that every crash is an opportunity to get better. But we also believe that every fall should be prevented.

You will find the components offered with your vehicle in the shop area.


Modern technology has transformed motorbike cockpits into user-friendly information centres that offer much more than just speed displays. This specially designed screen protector not only protects your motorbike display from scratches and damage, but also reduces reflections so you always have a clear view of your riding information - whatever the weather. Click on the image to find out more.


Display protection film

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