AC Schnitzer STEALTH K 1200 EEC Display product

AC Schnitzer STEALTH K 1200 EEC Display product

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AC Schnitzer STEALTH Silencer with capillary tube for

  • K 1200 R
  • K 1200 R Sport
  • K 1200 S
  • K 1200 GT
  • K 1300 GT

The strikingly large silencer does not fit into the otherwise sporty line of the K 1200 models. On the contrary, it screams to be exchanged.


The AC Schnitzer STEALTH Silencer not only perfectly meets the requirements in terms of reduced size, but also fits perfectly into the overall angular shape of the K models. In addition, it supports the engine's performance and produces a muffled, sonorous sound backdrop that is also suitable for long distances.


In addition to the optimization of the sound and appearance, the STEALTH Silencer is lighter than the factory counterpart due to the use of stainless steel in the body and carbon in the input and output caps. Overall, the AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer represents an improvement in all areas.


The AC Schnitzer STEALTH for the K models in detail:

  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Extremely light due to carbon inlet and outlet caps
  • Dull and emotional sound
  • Great performance characteristics
  • Full suitcase suitability
  • EEC approval

Special price! This system was mounted on an exhibition display. But it was never mounted on a vehicle. No damage or traces of cultivation. Although it is almost no different to a new system, but we offer it at a special price. Get it now and order it here!

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