AC Schnitzer Superbike handlebars


You often have back pain, the stomach pinches, your wrists hurt quickly and your neck has been more relaxed? You are eagerly awaiting the next tank break? And you still want to ride your BMW motorcycle and have fun?


We have a solution for most current BMW motorcycles and for you.
Comfort is a matter of feeling. Check too!

As performance increases, ergonomics becomes more and more important. Control and controllability are decisive factors for safety and driving pleasure without stress.

And not only for the driver but also for the Sozia. The physical closure by an upright driver leads to less wind pressure for the passenger and a better feeling for what is happening on the motorcycle. Pleasure doesn't have to hurt.

Relieved wrists and a spinal column that is allowed to straighten lead to longer driving pleasure without pain. This also increases possible concentration and safety. The less you have to pay attention to your vehicle, the more you can concentrate on driving.


Comparison seat position BMW K 1300 R
with standard handlebars and relaxed with AC Schnitzer Superbike handlebars


Comparison seat position BMW S 1000 RR
with standard handlebars and relaxed with AC Schnitzer Superbike handlebars


AC Schnitzer Superbike handlebar conversions are designed for vehicles with ABS. All necessary parts for these bikes are always included in the set. You do not need to order any other parts.

The handlebar widths are between 75 and 77 cm. All components are black. The handlebars are conical (except R 1200 ST & R nineT Racer). Handle heating is of course no problem. Extensive tests are carried out during development and homologation. ABS tests, high speed tests and strength tests are an integral part of every new kit. We'll do everything we can to make sure you're safe.


Your specific advantages:

  • Natural position of the wrists with significantly lower load
  • Upright posture for straight back and neck area
  • Less fatigue over long distances and therefore increased driving safety
  • Enhanced passenger comfort due to improved body closure
  • Better handling and easier control of your vehicle, especially when driving with luggage, Sozia and on winding roads.
  • Easier manoeuvring and pushing
  • Easier and safer jacking up on the main stand
  • And maybe this will make a special vehicle possible for you in the first place


Here you will find the kit for your vehicle:

F 800 S-ST

F 800 GT

F 800 R bis 2014

F 800 R ab 2015

K 1200 R

K 1200 R Sport

K 1200 S

K 1300 R

K 1300 S

R 1200 ST

R 1200 S

R nineT Racer

S 1000 R

S 1000 RR from 2019

S 1000 RR 2015-18

S 1000 RR 2009-14, HP 4


Do you have any questions about the product or the mounting of a Superbike kit? No problem!

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