Special Offer

Special Offer

Premium quality at a low price? That's impossible. No, not here. Why?

The reasons why products can sometimes be offered at lower prices are...

  • they are no longer included in the current program or are not available in real time
  • it is shipping returns that have been unpacked before
  • a trial assembly has taken place on a vehicle
  • they were mounted on a fair or exhibition vehicle
  • there is damage, e. g. due to transport
  • it is not a 1A product in unopened original packaging
  • Irrespective of the reason for the price reduction, the cause will be
  • is, of course, presented transparently and comprehensibly at all times.

The Special Offer products changes permanent. It can be worthwhile to come around here.

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AC Schnitzer rear conversion R nineT (all models) SALE! (without original packaging)

Product no.: S700-68810-15-007

119.00 € *
Old price 159.00 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer Crash pad axle large milled cap R nineT (all models) EXHIBITION

Product no.: S700-68812-15-007

179.00 € *
Old price 279.00 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer handlebar Clip-on R nineT Scrambler, Pure and Racer EXHIBITION

Product no.: S50121760606-004

279.00 € *
Old price 399.00 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer STEALTH Silencer S 1000 XR 2017 EURO 4 B-product

Product no.: S4782 087117-001

719.00 € *
Old price 899.00 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer AC S 10 forged wheels R nineT all models SALE!

Product no.: S50121595110-007

1,629.00 € *
Old price 1,879.00 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer engine spoiler R 1200 R 2006-14 SALE!

Product no.: S51120619603

279.00 € *
Old price 419.00 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer brake and clutch lever AC S1 SALE!

Product no.: S700-67653-19-015

99.90 € *
Old price 169.90 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer STEALTH Silencer K 1200 EEC Display product

Product no.: S4782 100060-0115 088305-006

599.00 € *
Old price 808.00 €
In stock

AC Schnitzer STEALTH F 650-700-800 GS EG BE EURO 3 PRESS

Product no.: S4782 085208-003

459.00 € *
Old price 619.00 €
In stock
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery