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AC Schnitzer products and motorcycle silencers in general


Why does a sub-bike handlebar conversion make sense for many riders?

You often have back pain, your wrists hurt quickly or your neck hurts again and again? And you still want to ride your BMW motorcycle and have fun? We have a solution for most current BMW motorcycles and for you. 

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Are there any spare parts for my silencer?

We supply all spare parts that you can assemble yourself without special tools or product-specific knowledge. These include, for example, sound inserts, mounting materials and brackets, clamps or connection pipes. 


I got offered a silencer. Can I put this in and will it fit?

Do not rely on statements that a silencer fits all vehicles listed in the information on the EG BE. This is not technically possible. A silencer must fulfil 2 factors in order to be mountable and approved on a certain vehicle. The first is that your vehicle is listed in the EG BE information. The second necessary circumstance is that exactly this silencer with the corresponding part number is also intended for your vehicle based on the manufacturer's list of uses (e. g. catalogue). If these two conditions are not met, or if the part number of the silencer is unknown, you should avoid making a purchase.


Do I have to change the engine control, the mapping after installing an AC Schnitzer silencer?

No, you don't have to. AC Schnitzer silencers are developed on standard vehicles and for standard vehicles. No EC type-approval can be obtained otherwise. Changes to the engine control system also invalidate the vehicle approval.


Where does my AC Schnitzer silencer actually come from?

AC Schnitzer silencers are manufactured in the EU in Austria. All AC Schnitzer silencers are developed and produced by REMUS according to our specifications. AC Schnitzer Motorrad-Technik is located in Aachen in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Do I need a catalyst?

A simple question with many answers. It depends on various circumstances such as the exhaust emission class of your vehicle. Basically, it can be said that if the original exhaust gas cleaning system is retained, your AC Schnitzer silencer does not require a catalytic converter. If your vehicle has a EURO 2 exhaust-gas classification or lower, then no new catalytic converter is required even if the original one is omitted due to the installation of your REMUS silencer and if the homologation of the silencer took place before May 18,2006. At AUK, the values of an identical vehicle without catalyst are then used as a basis, or the limit of 4.5 percent by volume CO With a Euro 3 or Euro 4 vehicle it is quite clear. The same values must always be achieved as with the standard exhaust system. An installation with Euro 3 homologation cannot be used on a Euro 4 vehicle. By the way, a silencer with EG BE will only be approved if it is equipped with a necessary exhaust gas cleaning system. 


Do AC Schnitzer silencers have a glued or embossed logo?

AC Schnitzer silencers from current production all have a glued-on logo. This is either already glued on or is only included. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to use your AC Schnitzer silencer with or without logo. It is also possible to completely remove the stickers already attached. However, you must do this before you put the silencer into operation. As soon as it has become hot, the adhesive pulls on and becomes firm.


What about the approval of my AC Schnitzer product?

All AC Schnitzer products are legal and approved. You have either an ABE, a parts certificate, a component type-approval or an EC approval if required. The type of admission depends on what the law requires and makes sense. In order to obtain these approvals, AC Schnitzer, as a company, must have the necessary certifications and an extensive quality management system in advance and on a regular basis. This naturally also means that AC Schnitzer products are thoroughly tested in all aspects.


Are AC Schnitzer components manufactured in Aachen?

No. AC Schnitzer does not actually produce any parts at all. We are a pure development and distribution company. New products are conceived, designed, built as prototypes and tested in Aachen. The only exception are silencers. All AC Schnitzer silencers are developed and produced by REMUS according to our specifications. All other components are manufactured by renowned German partners. AC Schnitzer Motorrad-Technik is located in Aachen in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.



Everything about your order


When and how can I reach you?

You can reach us Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 17:00 o' clock by phone under 0241 5688 300. You can of course send us an e-mail at any time. Use the contact button of this website or simply go directly to We will reply as soon as possible, at the latest on the next working day. Guaranteed.


Can I come by your place?

Yes, you will find us at Kohl automobile GmbH in 52078 Aachen, Neuenhofstr. 160, directly above the BMW Motorrad Premium Selection Floor. Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 17:00 o' clock we are there for you.


Can I buy the articles from the AC Schnitzer Shop in Aachen and take them directly with me?

Yes, but since the articles are not stored in our warehouse but in our logistics centre, it is best to order them online and mark them as a shipping option "pick up by yourself". We deliver your order from the logistics centre to our premises. This lasts for goods that are in stock is 1 working day. For articles that we have to order for you from the manufacturer, the average delivery time is 2 weeks.


Is there a minimum order value?

No. We also deliver small parts without extra charge. However, only orders over 200,00 Euro are free of charge within Germany or Europe


I can't find the article I'm looking for. What can I do?

Failure to find an article does not necessarily mean that it doesn't exist. It can be a component that is hidden in a kit or out of the official program. This is the case, for example, with sound applications (called dB-killer in the colloquial language). We always try to help you and find the right component. Sometimes we also have items in stock which are no longer available in the AC Schnitzer Motorrad-Technik shop or in the catalogue. Just give us a call. We are available for you Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 17:00 o' clock by telephone under 0241 5688300. Or send us an e-mail. Use the contact button of this website or simply go directly to We will reply as soon as possible, at the latest on the next working day. Guaranteed. 


Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You can find your right of withdrawal HERE. 


How can I place an order?

You can order from us in the AC Schnitzer Motorrad-Technik Shop online, by telephone, e-mail or fax. The fastest and safest method is to order in the AC Schnitzer Motorrad-Technik Shop. This means that we have all the necessary information at hand immediately and can guarantee reliable delivery for you without delay due to queries.


Can I enter a different delivery address?

Yes, in the AC Schnitzer Motorrad-Technik Shop a different delivery address can be given during the ordering process. When paying with PayPal we always deliver to the address given there. Deliveries to packing stations are also possible, but not cash on delivery.


How can I pay?

For orders in the AC Schnitzer Shop you can pay in advance by bank transfer, PayPal, Credit card or cash on delivery (only Germany).

Orders for collection can be paid with all common means of payment.


When will my order be shipped?

If your goods are in stock, your order will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment, but no later than the next working day. If your ordered article is not in stock and has to be ordered from the manufacturer, the delivery time is usually approx. 2 weeks. In this case you will of course receive a message from us.


What should I do if a wrong item has been delivered?

If you have received other than the ordered goods, please contact us by phone on 0241 5688 300, send us an e-mail via the contact button of this website or directly to We will then replace the wrong goods for you as quickly as possible.


The delivered goods are damaged or defective. What now?

If a package already shows obvious damage on delivery, please refuse acceptance or open the package in the presence of the deliverer to detect possible damage. If the package is undamaged, but the goods contained in it have a damage, please contact us directly. The fastest way to contact us is by phone 0241 5688 300, by using the contact button on this website or by e-mail


How long does it take to process a complaint?

We always want to handle a complaint for you as quickly as possible. However, the exact period of time is difficult to predict as many factors play a role. The decision on the acceptance of a complaint is made within one working day after receipt of the goods. Afterwards we will contact you and tell you how to proceed.


I wasn't at home trying to deliver. What happens now?

Your goods will be shipped with DHL. If you were not at home during the delivery attempt, the deliverer will leave a message for you. Usually your goods will then be ready for collection at the next parcel branch within 7 working days.


Which address do I use for a return in case of a complaint?

Please use this address:

AC Schnitzer motorcycle technology

Gewerbepark Brand 66

52078 Aachen, Germany

Your costs will of course be reimbursed in the case of an acknowledged complaint in the amount of a standard shipment. Please do not send goods carriage forward, as these shipments cannot be accepted in the logistics centre.


Is my data secure?

Yes. HERE you will find our privacy policy.


Do I automatically receive a newsletter after ordering?

No. You even have to choose whether we can write to you again for a review of a purchased product.


What are the shipping costs in Germany and the EU?

Orders within Germany with a value of goods above Euro 200,00 are generally free of freight charges. Small parts with a value of less than Euro 200.00 cost Euro 5.99. Shipping within the EU from a value of Euro 200.00 is free of charge. For the EU area we charge freight costs of up to Euro 17,00 for orders under Euro 200,00.


Who delivers my goods?

Our logistics partner is DHL. The normal duration in Germany is 2 working days. Often a package arrives in 1 day. Of course, it can always happen that an error has been made or an unpredictable event occurs somewhere in the supply chain. You will receive a message from us the day your goods are dispatched. If it is not delivered on the 3rd working day after that, we need your message and will be happy to investigate for you.


Can I give a preferred delivery date?

Yes, during the ordering process you have the possibility to send us an additional message.