Especially frequent drivers know the situation that they are overlooked and that even in the dark they would prefer to see more. The silhouette of a motorcycle is smaller than that of a car and thus regularly leads to dangerous situations in road traffic.

Out at night? No street lighting? Rain? These are also conditions in which good lighting on the vehicle helps. It is not without reason that the annual campaigns for safe lighting systems on the vehicle are available.


We have a solution for these problems:




The AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB - a BI-LED headlamp from AC Schnitzer for the BMW Heritage series. The AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB makes it really bright where there was enough light with the standard headlamp so far - from curb to curb and much further than usual.

A real advance in terms of safety and comfort, with its matt black look and eye-catching lighting elements.

The 7" BI-LED spotlight convinces with its economical LED position light in light guide technology and produces a very bright, homogeneous and white light. With the AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB, the high beam can be "switched on" to the dipped beam. This means that you can also enjoy a convincingly bright display in front of the vehicle when driving with high beam light.


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Quick and easy installation in the standard lamp ring and a prepared wiring harness are just as self-evident as a service life of at least 30,000 hours of the LEDs used.

The AC Schnitzer Light Bomb has an ECE marking and is therefore not subject to registration.


Technical data and characteristics:

  • Bright and homogeneous light
  • Latest BI-LED technology
  • Perfect illumination
  • Easy installation
  • 30,000 hours lifetime of the LEDs
  • No registration required
  • OEM quality
  • Passive and active safety gain
  • Small installation depth
  • LED from OSRAM
  • Power dipped-beam headlamp 12 V, 23 W
  • Power of spotlight 12 V, 30.5 W
  • Weight 1.030 gram
  • Application range -40°C - +80°C

Here you can go directly to your AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB.


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