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Here you will find the latest products from our company on the subject of BMW motorcycles.


AC SCHNITZER Reflectors - passive safety in the dark

AC SCHNITZER Reflektoren

AC SCHNITZER reflectors in black or silver or alternatively as stickers (non-reflective)

During the day a discreet black or silver looking AC SCHNITZER logo that matches many vehicle colours. When illuminated, it reflects the light back in the direction from which it was struck. This increases both visibility and passive safety in the dark massively. The distance from which the vehicle is seen increases considerably. Installation is simple and quick. Simply clean the desired location, free of grease and dry and place the sticker with the backing film. Then press on firmly and remove the backing film. Suitable for all painted and flat plastic surfaces, such as the tank, side case, fairings, top case or motorbike helmet. Of course, the AC SCHNITZER logo is also available as a non-reflective sticker.

  • width 16cm, height 3cm
  • High quality reflective film, developed for vehicle wrapping
  • Excellent corrosion and solvent resistance
  • Removable without residue
  • Lightfast


AC Schnitzer Handlebar risers - more ergonomic seating position than the series

AC Schnitzer Lenkererhöhungen

AC Schnitzer handlebar risers for F 850 GS, ADV, F 900 R, XR and R 1250 GS

The AC Schnitzer handlebar riser with offset brings the handlebars much closer to the rider. The result: a much more upright and ergonomic seating position than the standard series. Better vehicle control in all situations, whether on long distances or off-road, allows more concentration on driving and longer endurance. In addition to the improved driving experience, you benefit from a more relaxed posture on your BMW with fewer problems for your back, pelvis, arms, wrists and neck.

  • Handlebar riser with offset
  • More upright sitting position
  • Better position when driving while standing
  • CNC-milled, high-strength aluminium alloy
  • Adapted design
  • Silver anodised, colour and surface adapted to bridge
  • No change of cables necessary
  • Easy installation
  • Complete with screw set
  • With ABE


REMUS NXT Silencer - innovative design combined with rich sound!

REMUS NXT Schalldaempfer

REMUS NXT silencer in stainless steel black or matt

As REMUS Deutschland importer of motorbike silencers, AC Schnitzer Motorrad-Technik presents the brand new and innovative NXT silencer. The REMUS NXT silencer impresses with its aggressive appearance and at the same time underlines the dynamics of the new BMW models, such as the S 1000 RR and F 900 R. Its bass and sonorous sound image perfectly matches the appearance of the BMW bikes. At the same time, the product impresses with its excellent workmanship and impeccable fit. Of course, an EC approval is available.

  • Harmonious design
  • Great sound image
  • Perfect processing
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • EC approval EURO 4


AC Schnitzer Axle and crash pads

AC Schnitzer Achs- und Sturzpads

AC Schnitzer axle and crash pads for BMW motorbikes

The AC Schnitzer axle and crash pads protect the components of BMW motorbikes in the event of slight falls, so-called skidding and overturning. Although it cannot guarantee accidents without consequential damage, every scratch which can be avoided on a BMW is worth the purchase. In addition, the pads impress with the typical sporty AC Schnitzer design, so they fit perfectly into the overall appearance of the vehicle. The components made of special plastic are easy to fit and offer outstanding quality.

  • Protection of the swing arm in case of slips and falls
  • Noble and sporty AC Schnitzer design
  • High-strength special plastic
  • Outstanding quality
  • Perfect finish
  • Easy installation


AC Schnitzer AC S10 forged rims for the BMW Heritage series

AC Schnitzer AC S10 Schmiedefelgen

AC Schnitzer AC forged rims (set) AC S 10 for Heritage models

The new lightweight forged rim AC S10, available exclusively for the BMW R nineT models, gives the rider an even better feeling for the machine. Less weight and the resulting reduction in gyroscopic forces give the machine much greater dynamics. The lower unsprung masses, a better steering response and an exquisite appearance round off the overall package.

Rim design must always meet two opposing requirements. On the one hand, the weight is to be reduced further and further, on the other hand the demand for stability is growing. In the R nineT models, AC Schnitzer has two other important points in the specifications. A wider rear tyre has to be possible and at the same time the design has to be modern and traditional.

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A 190 or even a 200 tire can be mounted on the rear 6 inch rim, while the standard size is used in the front. The AC S10 rim set is delivered unpainted. This means that every customer can realise his or her individual colouring ideas.


AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB for the BMW Heritage series


The AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB - a BI-LED headlamp for the BMW Heritage series which also includes the R nineT. The AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB makes it really bright where there has been sufficient light with the standard headlamp so far - from curb to curb and much further than usual. A real advance in terms of safety and comfort, with its matt black look and eye-catching lighting elements.

The 7" BI-LED spotlight convinces with its economical LED position light in light guide technology and produces a very bright, homogeneous and white light. With the AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB, the high beam can be "switched on" to the dipped beam. This means that you can also obtain convincingly bright illumination in front of the vehicle when driving with high beam light. Quick and easy installation in the standard lamp ring and a prepared wiring harness are just as self-evident as a service life of at least 30,000 hours of the LEDs used. The AC Schnitzer LIGHT BOMB has an ECE marking and is therefore not subject to registration.


AC Schnitzer license plate holder for the BMW Heritage series

AC_Schnitzer Kennzeichenhalter

AC Schnitzer offers the owner of a Heritage BMW the possibility to mount the registration plate centrally on the rear of the vehicle or laterally next to the wheel axle (with and without crash pad). Either the sporty, slim rear view is emphasized or the design turns more towards the classic customizing - completely according to each individual taste. Decide which version suits your vehicle best.


AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer - dynamic design, rich sound!

AC Schnitzer Stealth Schalldaempfer

The innovative STEALTH silencer picks up the BMW Motorrad design and with its dynamic shape fits perfectly into the vehicle's appearance. The design of the silencer varies according to the vehicle class. For example, when a R 1200 RS requires a modern, angular design, superbike pilots love small Moto-GP similar pots, while riders of a Heritage model prefer a classic round shape. No matter what vehicle type and personal taste - the AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer always hits the bull's eye!

  • Completely made of stainless steel.
  • Asymmetrical hexagonal shape for greater freedom of inclination
  • Extremely lightweight construction with carbon inlet and outlet caps
  • Removable sound insert (Euro 3)
  • Muffled and pleasantly sonorous sound image
  • Impressive performance characteristics
  • Including EC approval

Available for almost all current BMW models.


AC Schnitzer AC S2 brake and clutch lever

AC Schnitzer AC S2 Brems- und Kupplungshebel

The AC S2 brake and clutch levers from AC Schnitzer combine ergonomics and functionality at a high level. Control and controllability are essential factors for safety and fun without stress.

  • 6-way adjustable CNC precision lever
  • extremely light weight (approx. 100 g per lever)
  • high-tech aluminium according to aviation standard EN 2017
  • perfect design and manufacturing quality
  • excellent grip
  • best dosage
  • adjustable while driving
  • aerodynamic air slits
  • short and long version in one lever
  • including change-over end pieces
  • Colour black gloss anodized
  • General Operating License

Available for most BMW motorcycle series.


AC Schnitzer AC S2 brake and clutch lever - short version

AC S2 ultrakurze Brems- und Kupplungshebel

The AC Schnitzer AC S2 brake and clutch levers are also available in an ultra-short two-finger stopper version. They can also be adjusted in 6 positions. Thanks to the simple mechanism, this works just as well during driving as it does when the vehicle is stationary. The levers are made for motorcyclists who like to operate the brake and clutch with just two fingers. Especially off-road, the new levers make sense. Whoever rides a lot of enduro knows the problem of pinched fingers.

The ultrashort brake and clutch levers are supplied with an ABE and all necessary attachments. The levers are available for all BMW Boxers with water cooling and for the R nineT.


AC Schnitzer Superbike handlebar - better controllability and cornering performance!

AC Schnitzer Superbike Lenkerkit

By installing an AC Schnitzer Superbike handlebar kit you literally have your vehicle under control! Handling improves dramatically and performance on narrow country roads increases significantly. On top of that, driving is more relaxed overall due to the upright sitting position. This means that even longer distances on a super sports car lose their terrors.

  • Better handling
  • Increase in vehicle control
  • More relaxed sitting position
  • More driving pleasure on country roads

Available for most BMW Sport Tourers and Superbikes.


AC Schnitzer mirror extension - a plus in safety!

AC Schnitzer Spiegelverbreiterung

The AC Schnitzer mirror extensions are offered with approval and significantly increase safety. Textile motorcycle clothing, in particular, often restricts rear visibility. This can lead to dangerous situations such as lane changes on the motorway or overtaking on the country road. Regardless of whether handlebar-proof mirrors are installed or whether it is a question of fairing mirrors, AC Schnitzer has a solution for all models.

An agreement with the manufacturer Bernie Klumpjan ensured BMW's exclusive distribution. The set price is 49,90 € plus shipping costs (within Germany).


AC Schnitzer permanent air filter - always more performance!

AC Schnitzer Performance Sportluftfilter

For many BMW motorcycles, AC Schnitzer Performance offers sport air filters. These special filters no longer need to be replaced, but can be used again after cleaning. Due to their advanced material composition and the elaborate construction, they offer a higher throughput and a noticeable increase in performance, especially when used together with an AC Schnitzer exhaust system.

In contrast to many other products, the AC Schnitzer Performance air filter does not work with a simple cotton wire mesh, but with a multiple laminated layer of polyurethane foam grille. This ensures a larger, more stable air flow rate than conventional filters. Already preimpregnated to repel dirt, the filters are ready for installation and clogging less quickly. Longer consistent performance and longer maintenance intervals are further good arguments for use.

  • More engine power
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Ready-to-install delivery
  • OEM quality
  • Polyurethane foam grille

Available for almost all current BMW models