AC Schnitzer Brems- und Kupplungshebel AC S1 ABVERKAUF

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von am 31.08.2020
Fits perfectly - looks good - works well - and great value. What more can you want from yet another well made Schnitzer product.
Tolles Design und super Bedienbarkeit
von am 08.10.2019
Habe die Hebel im Angebot im Rahmen eines SB Lenker Umbau´s direkt mit gekauft. Die Haptik und die Einstellmöglichkeiten haben mich in kürzester Zeiz überzeugt. Mit dem SB Lenker Kit eine stimmige Ergänzung.
10 out of 10
von am 17.02.2019
I ordered these levers having discovered BMW don’t offer a HP factory option for the K1300S.
I found them by chance having scoured the internet for days finding only cheap options or others that were not so pleasing on the eye.
Delivery was virtually next day, the packaging and paperwork were excellent.
The quality of the levers are outstanding which is to be expected from AC.
Fitting the levers took around 30 minutes including attaching the ends.
I opted for the full length for the clutch and stubby for the brake.
1st ride with the levers fitted and I am not disappointed, they provide excellent feedback.
I appreciate they are only levers but they function as they should and look astonishingly good.
In summary these are top quality parts from a top quality Manufacturer.
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